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Delhi Law Firm is typically involved in the deliverance of the Divorce Services for which we comprised a team of the highly qualified and professionals Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi where each one of us listens to the opinions of both the parties and firstly strive our best to easily solve the circumstances with an ease and a peace.

We firmly believe in a universal fact that most often a marriage is only a once in a lifetime happening which rarely takes places again. If it takes places again then the issues behind this are for sure either the matrimonial disputes like divorce, child custody or if one of a spouse has died.

and a lot more. Thus, we comprise a team of the well-qualified Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi who are well experienced and serve a client with the best way to get a peace of mind in same dealing and proceeding. So, with us, you can easily file or defend you're:

What is Mutual Divorce?

When husband and wife are ready for divorce and mutually agree upon the separation terms (child custody, joint assets or alimony/maintenance), then it leads to Mutual Consent Divorce which is the simplest and easiest way to get Divorce

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Apart from all such above mentioned legal formalities, there are also a plenty of other documents and formalities required for the process for which we the Divorce Lawyer in Delhi are right here to assist you while guiding you at the right path resulting in the best future endeavours.

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Jeevesh Pratap Singh & Co. consists of a team of the best divorce lawyers in Delhi. Divorce is a trying time in anyone's life. Our team of top divorce lawyers strive to reach amicable settlements for our clients through respectful discussions and negotiation with all parties involved. We use our expertise to settle all matrimonial disputes in an uncomplicated manner.

While the speed and ease of the divorce depends on whether it is consensual or contested, or if there are unresolved conflicts such as child custody, distribution of property etc, our team of best divorce advocates give the most efficient legal representation for all such cases. Most common grounds for divorce in India include:

  • 1. Adultery
  • 2. Cruelty
  • 3. Harassment
  • 4. Religious conversion
  • 5. Desertion
  • 6. Mental Disorders

Many more causes for divorce exist that vary on a case by case basis and dealt with the most extreme proficiency by our team of the best divorce lawyers in Delhi. Some of the types of divorce cases our divorce lawyers specialize in are:

  • 1. Mutual Divorce
  • 2. Contested Divorce
  • 3. Domestic Violence
  • 4. Dowry Harassment u/s 498A
  • 5. Interim Maintenance
  • 6. Women Cell Complaints
  • 7. Adultery u/s 125 of CRPC

Common documentation required to file for divorce include:

  • 1. Marriage Certificate
  • 2. Passport Size Photographs of the petitioner
  • 3. Address Proof of the Petitioner
  • 4. Affidavit of Income/expenditure

With the help of our team of capable divorce lawyers, clients can move through the whole legal process with the least amount of hassle or worry.

Divorce through mutual consent is often the quickest, most inexpensive and efficient route for separation mostly because issues such as child custody, property rights, maintenance etc are consensually settled by both parties. However, our team of the best divorce advocates strive to help all our clients attain these amicable settlement conditions, irrespective of the type of divorce cases that they might be handling.

At Jeevesh Pratap Singh & Co. the best divorce lawyers in Delhi are available to help our clients through the harsh proceedings of divorce. Visit us today to work with the best divorce advocates near you or book your free trial consultation @theadvocatefirm.in now!


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